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Many hydrologic modelers around the world use Soil Water Assessment and Tool (SWAT) to simulate hydrologic processes, water quality loadings and testing agricultural management scenarios. Once these tasks are complete including publication of results, the models generally are not published or made available to the public for further use and improvement. Although publication or sharing of models is not required for journal publications, sharing of models may open doors for new collaborations, and avoids duplication of efforts if other researchers are interested in simulating a particular watershed for which a model already exists. For researchers, who are interested in sharing models, there are limited avenues to publishing their models to the wider community. Towards filling this gap, a prototype cyberinfrastructure (CI), called SWATShare, is developed for publishing, sharing and running SWAT models in an interactive GIS-enabled web environment. Users can utilize SWATShare to publish or upload their own models, search and download existing SWAT models developed by others, run simulations including calibration using high performance resources provided by XSEDE and Cloud. In addition to research, SWATShare enables sharing and using of SWAT model outputs that can be used for understanding the hydrology of different watersheds within a classroom setting.


Session R08, Web-based Systems for Sharing of Data and Models



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