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International Relations


Roma, Minorites, Discrimination


"This thesis undertakes an in-depth analysis of the minority rights of Roma populations living within the European Union. The Roma people face economic, social and political discrimination that permeates both government institutions and society in general and has prevented this minority group from integrating into the workings of society. This issue is important because the Roma lack a positive identity both of themselves and from other groups, which deprives the state of an important source of productivity. This is due in part from their own actions based on chosen isolation to some degree, and also because some Roma have become involved in illegal activities to create a livelihood for themselves. This thesis provides evidence that discrimination against the Roma has forced them to resort to measures that are not productive in the long run and have led to their further isolation. For my research, I have included material from books, articles, websites, and a series of interviews to illustrate the Roma condition. For my hypothesis, I argue that the Roma still suffer from discrimination and structurally induced poor conditions. I also argue that some countries in the European Union have recognized this as a serious problem and have begun to implement policies that benefit the Roma. I also argue that resolving the Roma issues related to discrimination can also lead to better policies for other minority groups and therefore can add to the productivity of society as a whole."



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