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Ahmed Mohamed


Transit System, Regenerative Braking, Energy Storage System, Blackout, MTA, NYCT


In the city that never sleeps, power outages or blackouts can be a shock, especially if you are on a train amid one. For example, during the infamous 2003 blackout, thousands of people were left stuck and stranded in parts of Northeastern United States. In particular, with no trains or buses in service throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC, those stranded essentially had no way to go back home. Hotels, terminals, and airports alike became places of camping as the city seemed to come to a halt. For the sake of public safety and transit efficiency, this study explores a possible solution that can mitigate the dreadful experiences of being trapped in a subway cart in the event of a blackout. With the implementation of a flywheel system, the trains stuck and stranded can be pulled to a nearby station in the event of a blackout. With the utilization of MATLAB/Simulink, this study compares various scenarios, including different types of trains (local and express), to best determine the limitations and capabilities of this proposed flywheel system that would be significant in the case of a blackout.



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