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Amphetamines, sexual risk behavior, injecting drug use


"To Dr. Margaret Rosario, my profound gratitude and limitless admiration for teaching me. To Dr. Don Des Jarlais, my humble thanks for encouraging further investigation of the dataset of this study and for participating as a member of my thesis committee. To my colleagues on the research team of the original study from which this thesis evolved (Des Jarlais et al., 2002), my indebtedness for the opportunity to observe their scientific and cultural expertise at work. To my sister, Dr. Halya Zadoretzky, my heartfelt gratitude for the staying power of her faith that I would have an M.A. degree one day. I also thank Dr. Denise Hien for the honor of her participation on my thesis committee and her motivating comments; Dr. Kamyar Arasteh for coaching me in the rudiments of SAS, thus launching the data analysis of this study; Jonathan Feelemyer for his enthusiastic support as the findings of the study unfolded; and every cherished colleague and friend who unhesitatingly and graciously rallied to participate in the practice presentations of my thesis. Finally, thank you, City College of New York, for having me. This research was originally supported by a grant from the Open Society Institute. "



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