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Rejection Sensitivity, PTSD, BPD


"The aim of this secondary data analysis is to explore the hypothetical relationship between rejection sensitivity (RS) level and PTSD symptom severity. We predicted that RS would be positively related to PTSD symptom severity. Pilot data from 39 individuals were analyzed to explore bivariate correlations on indices of RS, PTSD symptom severity, depression symptoms, and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) feature endorsement. RS was positively related to PTSD symptom severity at the trend level. Participants were then divided into a group of trauma-exposed individuals and control individuals. Independent samples t-tests were conducted to evaluate mean differences between groups in terms of RS, PTSD symptom severity, depression, and BPD. Mean group differences were significant for PTSD symptom severity, depression symptoms, and BPD feature endorsement, but not for RS. A hierarchical regression analysis was conducted to confirm or disconfirm the initial trend-level strength of correlation between RS and PTSD. RS did not significantly account for any of the variance in PTSD symptom severity. A mediation model for future study is proposed and discussed."



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