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Biomedical Engineering


Microfluidies, CFD (Compulational Fluid Dynamics), Drug Screening


The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as a tool in the aerodynamics and oil industry provides a reinforcement to efficiency in the design of aircrafts or for understanding the flow through pipes. A similar approach can be taken towards microfluidics, where traditionally devices have been designed based on experience or physiological replication, and a CFD simulation is shown post-manufacture to show the flow and diffusion patterns present. In this study, a reverse approach is suggested, by designing the device first in CFD and perform simulations on variations of alterable parameters to get insight on how the changing parameters affect the conditions within the device. A 3D Microfluidic Living Cell Array (3D LCA) wherein cells are embedded in a hydrogel is used as the model to perform the simulations on. It is shown that alterations of certain parameters (such as pore size) can have drastic effects on the nutrient supply and waste removal mechanics of the 3D cell microchamber, while other factors such as the permeability of the medium of cell culture (hydrogel) does not affect the glucose concentration but does affect the O2 and CO2 concentrations generated within the microchamber.



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