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Mechanical Engineering


Sub-Cooled Flow Boiling Process, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Bubble Trajectory, Size, Orientations and Aspect Ratio


"This study concerns an air bubble injection experiments in a vertical upward annular channel in which a 0.4 mm hole was created to inject the air bubbles into the turbulent stream. Water was used as a testing fluid, and the experiments were performed at atmospheric pressure and room temperature. A high-speed video camera was used to capture the dynamics of the bubble formation process. Two different experimental views were used: a front view in which flow velocity was 0.80 m/s (2.68 GPM) at Reynolds number, Re=7413 and to inject air bubbles into water stream air bubble injection rate was set at 0.046 m/s (350 μl/min), as well as the side view in which all the conditions were the same except the flow velocity set at 2.63 GPM. The images for bubble formation, departure from a hole, and interaction with other bubbles and flowing liquid in a turbulent stream were captured. The data recorded were analyzed for bubble trajectory, size, aspect ratio and the orientations of the bubble."



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