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Computer Science


Computer Sciences, 3D Modeling, Visual Impairment


"Real-time, low-resource corridor reconstruction using a single consumer grade RGB camera is a powerful tool for allowing a fast, inexpensive solution to indoor mobility of a visually impaired person or a robot. The perspective and known geometry of a corridor is used to extract the important features of the image and create a 3D model from a single image. Multiple 3D models can be combined to increase confidence and provide a global 3D model. This paper presents our results on 3D corridor modeling using single images. First a simple but effective 3D corridor modeling approach is introduced which makes very few assumptions of the camera information. Second, a perspective based Hough transform algorithm is proposed to detect vertical lines in order to determine the edges of the corridor. Finally, issues in real-time implementation on a smartphone are discussed. Experimental results are provided to validate the proposed approach. Index Terms-- indoor modeling, vanishing point, visual impairment, perspective based Hough transform."



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