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International Relations

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Jean Krasno


International, Branch, Campuses


In this thesis, I studied the socio-economic, cultural, and political impact of International Branch Campuses in developing countries. I focused on the financial implications for the host country and examine whether international education providers are helping to enhance students’ core competency levels. I have investigated the advantages and disadvantages of international education providers in developing countries and what contribution they provide to the development of the host country’s economy. I conducted three case studies (Malaysia, United Arab Emirate and South Africa), which provided empirical understanding of all aspects of International Branch Campuses; including why and how host governments are financing/subsidizing foreign universities and if International Branch Campuses are productive in alleviating the demand for higher education in host countries. Some small and well-known universities do establish International Branch Campuses in foreign countries with the sole purpose of generating additional income for their home institutions and to take advantage of the monetary incentives offered by local host governments. A major concern for critics of International Branch Campuses is how local culture and customs are not acknowledged by international education providers; this lack of acknowledgement can create problems and controversies. I considered all aspects education has on a developing country’s economy. Also important is how foreign universities through education are helping to transform developing countries’ political environment as well as the development of the society as a whole. I utilized the research conducted by others in the field of international education and higher education and base my research mainly on the numerous articles, journals and publications from the field of international education and international studies to answer and support my hypothesis.



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