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International Relations


Genocide, Early warning system, Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur


“Never again” expressed the commitment made by allied forces for the prevention of genocide. In the 59 years since the adoption of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, it has evolved into an erga omnes obligation and a jus cogen (preemptory) norm. Genocide prevention, however, remains a highly controversial issue as it draws from the concept of universality central to human rights discourse at the same time as it changes dominant conceptualizations of state sovereignty. This thesis assesses the effectiveness of existing practices, norms and risk assessment/ genocide early warning systems in reducing the occurrence of genocide. To frame the work of this thesis Bruce Cronin‟s theory on International Protection Regimes (IPRs) is used, for its emphasis on the need for international actors to work toward the “common good” in order to realize a stable and secure international order. Three cases studies (Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur) are used to help determine what prevention measures were in place. More specifically, the cases are examined for their effectiveness in: 1) monitoring on-going and/or escalating conflicts; 2) disseminating information to relevant individuals in a timely manner; and 3) mobilizing actors‟ response to and prevention of genocide. The hypothesis that guides my thesis is that only by instituting more efficient and comprehensive prevention mechanisms will genocide be deterred and global security promoted. The analysis leads to the conclusion that although, the introduction of the notion of a responsibility to protect, the subsidization of preventive mechanisms, and the creation of the Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide the international community have had a significant impact, there needs to be more efficient visible and targeted institutional measures put in place.



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