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International Relations


Energy, China, Trade


"Energy is a critical basis for state survival. This thesis aims at examining the different energy-security strategies of the USA and China and the political means necessary to implement clean-energy development beyond marginal results. The success of China’s lead in its devotion to clean-energy production raises the question of what infrastructural and political challenges the US must overcome to further develop its clean energy industry. While China focuses on its competitive edge in the global energy market, can its domestic energy goals offset population density and addiction to coal? Despite economic competitiveness that comes with market globalization, society’s only means towards creating innovative and efficient clean energy is sharing new technology and determined political action of states. This can be seen within various leading economies whose energy industries merge with those abroad. The US and China are no exception to the need for transnational cooperation to develop clean energy. As China realizes the benefits of a liberal energy market, this can create opportunity for the Sino-US relations to strengthen for the greater good of cooperation to develop clean energy technology."


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