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International Relations


Nation-Building, Stabilization, Development in Afghanistan


"Afghanistan is emerging from more than two decades of conflict, capped by a severe nationwide drought in 1999-2001, and faces a complex, interrelated set of political, administrative, economic, and social challenge. The objective of this study was to analyze Afghanistan's human development based on specific criteria such as economic inequality and poverty, corruption, public health and most specifically children and women's health. This thesis identifies Afghanistan's challenges and impediments to development and state-building in the past nine years. I further argue that Afghanistan was successful in economic and public health matters due to the institutions that were built at the national, regional and local levels with a somewhat structured cooperation. International organizations, NGOs and Western states who are involvement in the development of Afghanistan each want to dominate and lead the reconstruction and this creates an even more chaotic and un-manageable situation. This paper starts with a background description of Afghanistan followed by specific reasons as to why the international sphere should focus on rebuilding and securing Afghanistan. Finally, I discuss on how to address the existing challenges facing Afghanistan by incorporating the lessons learned from the past 9 years of development."



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