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Economics and Business

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Kevin Forster

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Sherrie Baver


Brazil, economy, politics, crisis, corruption


A few years ago, Brazil was the country where everybody would like to invest. Because it was one of the members of the BRIC, group of emergent countries with fast-growing economies including also Russia, India and China that gave the investors warranties that those investments would be successful. The current situation is very different from the one pictured not too long ago. High interest rates, high inflation, undervalued currency, and international political scandals describe the very serious economic crisis the country has been facing recently, making the economic growth forecast decrease. In 2013, the variation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) calculated for 2016 was 3.35 percent; the adjusted variation calculated 2 years later was reduced to 1.13 percent and the rate we are expecting right now is a lot lower than that since the country faces a recession. This is an argumentative research paper in which I intend to prove that some government practices culminated in a misuse of public money and the biggest consequence was an economic crisis.



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