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Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Peyman Honarmandi


TMD systems, Double Skin Façade, DSFD, mass dampers


Among various alternative approaches, installing auxiliary damping devices such as tuned mass dampers (TMDs) is a very reliable solution to mitigate wind-induced vibration of tall buildings. However, regardless of the different distribution strategies, installing TMD systems means adding additional masses to tall buildings. A valuable space on top of tall buildings is sacrificed to contain a large bulky mass, which is not aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, increasing the mass of tall buildings by installing extra mass systems is not time and cost effective process. In order to address the issues, this paper investigates the utilization of feasible alternative for the purpose of damping through system integration. An emphasis is placed on ingredient design of Double Skin Façade which produces a damping mechanism. Double Skin Façade is studied to mitigate the design limitation of the first scheme and to resolve other passive control related design issues, which is namely DSFD. The main purpose of this paper is to propose a new method for more effective damping control system and develop of further study.



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