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Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Marco J. Castaldi


In the past decade the use of hydrogen has become more ubiquitous. Its applications range from the upgrading of fossil fuels, to the production of ammonia, to the hydrogenation of fats, to the production of muriatic acid and methanol, all without including the efforts being taken to move towards a hydrogen economy. Its widespread use and its increasing demand lays pressure to find more efficient techniques of hydrogen production. Because the overwhelming majority of hydrogen produced nowadays comes from the steam reforming of natural gas (SMR), it appears that the most adept way to improve yields is by improving the SMR process. This thesis compiles the efforts taken to characterize the performance and kinetics of a new type of catalyst coating technique which promises enhanced hydrogen production from SMR. To achieve this, a total of 49 experiments were performed at different temperature, pressure and space-time conditions for different inlet distributions.



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