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Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Charles Maldarelli

Second Advisor

Jeff Morris


Superhydrophobicity, Nano-particles surfaces, Hydrate formation


The development of surfaces that have high water contact angles and hysteresis has always been of great importance in industrial applications. Various methods and techniques have been introduced to fabricate surfaces at nano-scale to support super hydrophobicity. Some of these techniques are expensive, some are very complex, most can be used for selective materials and substrate and some form surfaces with very poor wear resistance. This document represents a systematic study on fabrication of super hydrophobic surfaces on glass substrate (SiO2) using the functionalized silica (SiO2) nano particles. SU8, Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and Methyphenyl Resin SR355 polymer are being used as binder for Silica nanoparticles to stick on glass substrate. Measurements of contact



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