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Chemical Engineering


Elecrochemistry, Arduino, Galvanostat


"The goal of this project was to investigate the use of segmented electrodes to control the current distribution through an electrochemical cell. To achieve this goal, the project was separated into two parts, designing a scalable piece of hardware that could create a current distribution, and then using that hardware to create noticeable changes in a system by changing the current distribution within the system. Prior to building the current distribution device, a basic 3-electrode galvanostat was built in order to test its fundamental design characteristics. The design stressed a simplistic hardware, relying on software to control the current. A series of trials were performed to test an implementation of proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control in the software, with the aim of improving response to system changes. In some cases, a noticeable improvement in response time was seen using PID control. However, more in depth testing will be required to implement PID reliably. The device used with the segmented electrode was based on the design of this simpler galvanostat. Once built, it was tested in a system of two copper electrodes submerged in a ZnO/KOH solution. Results showed a verifiable ability to control the distribution of current along the segmented electrode, as well as an ability to use this control to affect dendrite growth on both the segmented electrode and its opposing electrode."


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