Dissertations and Theses

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International Relations

First Advisor

Jean Krasno

Second Advisor

Jeffrey Kucik


Mediation, Civil conflict, Third party


This thesis project focuses on mediation in the context of civil conflict. There are various possible solutions to civil conflict. The parties may resort to the use of violence through military victories but there are also other peaceful solutions such as mediation. Although several methods are available to solve civil conflict, mediation has shown to have its successes in this area. Mediation, where a third party acts as a facilitator, allows for both warring parties to work quietly with the mediator, present their complaints and use the third party to become a go-between towards finding an acceptable solution that benefits them both. Mediation can happen in many forms, a state, an institution or an individual can sponsor it. This project will mainly focus on the individual acting as a mediator and how this personalized method can increase the prospects for sustainable peace. Additionally, it will look at the challenges that mediators face during the process and how they overcome them and it will look into the aftermath of the mediation process and what steps were taken or created to obtain sustainable peace



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