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Ahmed Mohamed


Optimization, Power systems, Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch


This project proposes an optimization approach for day-ahead reactive power planning to ensure voltage security in transmission networks. The problem is formulated as a voltage-secure multi-period optimal reactive power dispatch (MP-ORPD) problem. The optimization approach searches for optimal set-points of dynamic and static reactive power (var) resources. Specifically, the output includes set-points for switching shunts, transformer taps, and voltage magnitudes at the regulated buses. The primary goal is to maximize the dynamic reactive power reserve of the system, by minimizing the reactive power supplied by synchronous generators. The secondary goal is to minimize changes in the settings of switching shunts and transformer taps, and maximize the reactive power margin at critical buses. The proposed approach requires the following inputs: the network topology, component outage schedule, forecasted active and reactive power load at a substation level, generation schedule, set of critical contingencies, and set of critical buses for each time period. Since the size of MP-ORPD problems significantly increases with the increased number of contingencies and time periods, computational efficiency is crucial for practical applications. In this project, a decomposition technique is used to partition the MP-ORPD problem into a set of subproblems, which can be solved in parallel to reduce the computation time. The proposed MP-ORPD algorithm is applied to various power networks of large electric utility companies in the Eastern interconnection. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm in providing preventive control schedules.



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