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John Gillooly

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Laurie Woodard


incel manosphere gender masculinity men's rights


This thesis analyzes the relationship between the modern incel and manosphere movement, and its historical legacies in anti-feminist discourses in late 20th century men's rights movements. The manosphere is a collection of online videos, forums, blogs, and websites dedicated to raising awareness or promoting masculinist philosophies. Incels in particular are individuals that understand their lack of sexual interaction as inherent, and often interact in digital spaces with others. Incel beliefs range from calling for the reversal of women’s rights, to seeking advice on self-improvement forums that offer advice to young men seeking to improve their physique through diet and exercise. By analyzing the digital history of incels, the thesis will also describe the incel movement's shift from group building to hotbed of rabid anti-feminist provocateurs.

Available for download on Saturday, July 11, 2026