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Sang-Woo Seo


chemical stimulation, Thermo responsive hydrogel, Photothermal, Macroporous silicon membrane, graphene nanoplatelets, Arrayed sensor, Valveless micropump, Polypyrrole, Liquid flow control, Low voltage actuation, local chemical delivery


Localized chemical delivery plays an essential role in the fundamental information transfers within biological systems. Thus, the ability to mimic the natural chemical signal modulation would provide significant contributions to understand the functional signaling pathway of biological cells and develop new prosthetic devices for neurological disorders. In this paper, we demonstrate a light-controlled hydrogel platform that can be used for localized chemical delivery in a high spatial resolution. By utilizing the photothermal behavior of graphene-hydrogel composites confined within micron-sized fluidic channels, patterned light illumination creates the parallel and independent actuation of chemical release in a group of fluidic ports. The new platform promises the feasibility of creating a novel synaptic interface with large arrayed chemical stimulation capability toward biochemically controlled neural prosthesis systems.

Final presentation slides_Hojjat Rostami Azmand.pdf (3945 kB)
presentation slides

Light actuated.avi (10562 kB)
vide fluorescence imaging

visible light modulation-3W.avi (17676 kB)
light addressable optical light modulation



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