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Spring 1-25-2023


Sociological research—like all forms academic research—is a conversation. Like all conversations, sociology has established conventions, styles, and genres. To participate in this conversation, we first need to understand how sociologists make and substantiate claims. As an empirical social science, much of the sociological enterprise consists of the collection and analysis of data that allows us to measure, interpret, and theorize social relations. But because social life is complex, sociological inquiry also requires an understanding of the limitations of different methodological approaches and the positionality of the researcher. Furthermore, sociology is a diverse field: diverse in its objects of study, and diverse in its research methods and techniques. This course attempts to expose you to the different ways in which sociologists think about and go about doing research, so you can begin to think about what type of sociology most appeals to you and your interests. Throughout the semester, we will also have many small group and in-class activities where you will try out different methods.

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