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– This paper aims to discuss the background, design and implementation of the new library instruction. When a new core curriculum for first-year students was adopted at the City College of New York in the fall of 2008, the City College Library took this opportunity to establish a new approach to teach library research to freshmen. Two library workshops were embedded into a six-credit combined content and writing course.
– This paper documents the process by which the City College Library successfully transitioned to the new system and also reflects on the theory and practice of teaching information literacy in an academic setting.
– Library workshops embedded within the new core curriculum have clear advantages over previous library instruction. By designing and implementing library workshops to blend with the new course, the Library has become a partner in an innovative first-year program.
Practical implications
– This study will provide useful information on the teaching and assessment of embedded library instruction and stimulate further thought on the role of information instruction in furthering the mission of undergraduate education.
– This paper presents opportunities to expand library instruction to the first-year seminar, the most commonly implemented curricular intervention designed for freshman students. By taking part in this important project, the Library becomes an integral participant in the initiative for retention and success for undergraduate education.


This work was originally published in Reference Services Review



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