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The chapter addresses a number of important methodologic issues that are relevant to occupational-stress researchers. The issues addressed have arisen in the context of an ongoing research program involving cross-sectional and longitudinal studies of stress in teachers; the issues, however, apply to occupational research in general. The first issue involves measurement strategies required in operationalizing the stress process. The focal concern is the reduction of confounding in measures of the work environment. The second issue encompasses the question of whether to sample new or veteran workers. The third issue applies to types of job stressors. The chapter describes a study of confounding in measures of various occupational stressors encountered by new women teachers. Some of the wider implications of reducing confounding are discussed. The chapter also speaks to the necessity of longitudinal designs in occupational-stress research.


This work was originally published in "Organizational risk factors for job stress," edited by S.L. Sauter & L.R. Murphy.



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