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Winter 1-22-2019


In this report, we present historical time series of surface area, volume, and elevation for lakes Azuei (Haiti) and Enriquillo (Dominican Republic). The intention is to present a history of the lakes’ levels for both bodies of water as derived from Landsat imagery that is augmented by reports and narratives that reach further back in time. We also summarize lake level time series data collected and developed through various other efforts and compare these data sets to our time series. The time series contains 45 years’ worth of data ranging from 1972 to 2017 which we developed from Landsat imagery and the volume and elevations are constructed from combining surface area data with Digital Bathymetry Models for each of the lakes. The time series suggest that Lake Enriquillo has experienced three episodes of expansion in 1979-1981, 1998-2000, and 2003-2013 with 70%, 36%, and 2.4 times rate of changes in its volume respectively. Lake Azuei’s growth occurred in 1981-1984 (1.4%), 1992-1996 (6%), and 2003-3013 (30%). We use the reports and narratives to both establish some evidence of past shrinking and expanding events (that is prior to 1972) and, for overlapping time periods, some degree of validation for remote sensing based data points.


We also make available the Time Series data in the downloadable EXCEL file that is published alongside the report. We can only vouch for the data we collected and compiled, all other data used to compare our work with has been either scanned or manually extracted from publications in case the data was not available in electronic format. Hence, we cannot guarantee accuracy of those time series.

Observational_Lakes_Time_Series.xlsx (329 kB)
This file contains the Time Series Data for Surface Areas



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