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Solo tenure-track librarians in academia must discover the key to mastering the fine art of multitasking to execute concepts of seamless user experiences. This article covers notable practices and principles of Solo tenure-track librarians in academia, specifically at the City University of New York, including overseeing a library division, satisfying provisions of the academic triad (excellence in teaching, service, and creative scholarship), and liaising various academic disciplines. Solos appointed to oversee a library division coordinate every aspect of access service (stacks maintenance, facilities management, user experience, etc.) in addition to being director. Directing a specialized library unit accompanies public-facing expectations of access and being an effective advocate and dynamic partner with all stakeholders. The purpose is to highlight the importance and value of Solo librarianship in higher education and their impactful contributions to the student body, faculty, and administrators alike. Though not intended to be exhaustive, the review of library literature serves as a practical guide to others in similar circumstances. The author’s reflections introduce a deeper understanding of supportive organizational structures and the interdependence of building a collaborative team to provide intentional user-focused library services, promote literacy, and efficient operation across all service points.


This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in Journal of Access Services on December 21, 2020, available online:



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