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Introduction: This report examines demographic and socioeconomic factors concerning Brazilians in the United States between 1980 and 2007.

Methods: Data on Latinos and other racial/ethnic groups were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, reorganized for public use by the Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota, IPUMSusa. Cases in the dataset were weighted and analyzed to produce population estimates.

Results: CLACLS has published two reports on the Mexican-origin population of New York City: “Mexicans in New York City, 1990—2005” and “Mexicans in New York City, 2007: An Update.” See our website for fully downloadable versions at pages/latinodataprojectreports.html. All of our reports present a varied array of statistical data in tables and graphs along with an accompanying narrative which summarizes the major data in narrative and analytical form. In this report we are only presenting the data for an interested audience, without the accompanying text. In some ways this is an experiment and we await responses from our readers to determine whether we will incorporate this format into some of our reports.

Discussion: CLACLS is interested in any feedback regarding the benefits of a purely visual report.


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Citation information: Bergad, L. (2011). Mexicans in New York City, 1990—2009: A Visual Data Base. New York, NY: Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center.



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