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Introduction: This study examines demographic and socioeconomic factors concerning New York City racial/ethnic groups in 2000 – particularly private and public school attendance rates.

Methods: Data on Latinos and other racial/ethnic groups were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, reorganized for public use by the Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota, IPUMSusa. Cases in the dataset were weighted and analyzed to produce population estimates.

Results: Data indicated that total White educational enrollment for all grades was evenly divided between public and private education, with 49.6% of all students enrolled in public educational institutions and 50.4% enrolled in private institutions. This was in stark contrast to the three principal minority racial/ethnic groups where educational enrollment was heavily concentrated in public education. Latinos had the highest public education enrollment with 83.6% of all students enrolled in public education and 16.4% in private education. African-American education enrollment data showed that 81% were enrolled in public education and 19% were in private education while among Asians 74.7% of all students were enrolled in public education and 25.3% were in private institutions.

Discussion: Latinos had the widest differentiation between male/female private educational enrollment among the four racial/ethnic groups. School-grade specific data showed that females had higher private education enrollment in five school-grade groups. These included all grades with the exception of both the undergraduate and graduate schoolgrade groups. At the undergraduate level 32.9% of all males and 30.8% of all females were enrolled in private education. At the graduate level 61.9% of all males and 60.6% of all females were enrolled in private education. The widest difference takes place in the nursery/pre-school group where 15.3% of all males and 28.1% of all females were enrolled in private institutions.


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Citation information: Salvatierra, C. (2006). Private And Public School Attendance Patterns Among New York City’s Racial/Ethnic Groups and Latino Nationalities in 2000. New York, NY: Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center.



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