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Fall 1996




The author wishes to express special gratitude to two former Vermont Law School students, Elyse Ruzow and Tanja Shipman, for their genuine collaboration on the Petition for Writ of Certiorari found within. Were it not for the policy of the New York City Law Review, Tanja and Elyse would appear as co-authors of this article. Additionally, the author wishes to thank a group of current and former Vermont Law School students, who formed themselves into a pro bono "law firm" called BDNMCB ("The Best Defense No Money Can Buy"), and who generously worked, pro bono, on all aspects of the conceptualization and creation of the court documents found within: Deanna Peterson, Katherine Clarke, Daniel Factor, Christopher Gilmore, Douglas Gould, Catheryn Brigid Lynch, Thomas Malone, Sharon Pap- pas, Laurie Rosenweig, Elyse Ruzow, Tanja Shipman, Alexandra Varlay, Emilia Vargas-Ashby. This article is dedicated to Mike Farrell, Beth Curnow, and Beth Grossbard.

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