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Summer 2009




I am grateful to Judge Edward O. Spain, the Chair of the Children’s Committee of the New York State Bar Association, for extending the invitation and for his willingness to let my students make their case for U.S. ratification of the CRC. I am also grateful to Professor Kathe Klare of Albany Law School for her great support of this project, both with her expertise in Educational Law and Children as well as her generally optimistic and supportive approach. Professor Katheryn D. Katz has also been a constant support; without her encouragement this project would have been hard to complete. Professor Melissa Berque has been supportive of both me and my students in this project and I owe her great thanks. The Albany Law School faculty have been incredibly supportive of this project and I am grateful to Dean Guernsey for his funding of a Child Rights Symposium, an event co-sponsored by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services at Albany Law School. We were honored by the participation of Commissioner Gladys Carrion, Esq., Janelle M. Cleary, Anne Reynolds Copps, Esq., Janine Lounsbery, Elana Marton, Esq., Karen Schimke, Betsy Stevens, and the Honorable Margaret T. Walsh. Their contributions were vital to this project because they provided the legislative knowledge and experience in child rights implementation at the New York state level. A very special thanks is due to Editor-in-Chief, Robert C. Penn, of the New York City Law Review of the City University of New York School of Law—a more intellectually dedicated editor is hard to find.

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