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Winter 2013




I would like to thank my colleagues at the Legal Aid Bureau, as well as Professors Joseph B. Tulman, Laurie Morin, Andrew Ferguson, Matthew Fraidin, LaShanda Taylor, Sharon Keller, Charles Jeane, Edgar Cahn, and John Brittain for their comments to earlier drafts of this Article. I would also like to thank my co-fellows in the LL.M. program at UDC, including Kaitlin Banner, Dan Clark, Laura Rinaldi, Lisa Geis, Adrienne Jones, Emily Torstveit-Ngara, and Bradford Voegeli, and the Mid-Atlantic Clinical Theory Workshop for their invaluable comments. Finally, I would like to thank my family and friends for their support and the youth I have represented over the years who remind and motivate us to work with them to change the status quo.

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