Publication Date

Winter 2015


The author would like to acknowledge the substantial research support provided by her Graduate Assistants Frankie Lucas, Nija Bastfield, Lyndsay Bates, Mark Sioson, Beatrice Campbell, Nathan Hunt, and Rebecca Gorton. In addition, this article is based on the case studies done by Michelle Amory, Keegan App, India Beauford, Danielle Boone, Angel Brown, Beatrice Campbell, Sherketta Carter, Ambreen Chaudhry, Andrew Cryan, John Descoteaux, Chappin Eze, Rebecca Hymiller, Debra Johnson, Charlena Jones, Ashley Kidd, Cierra Nichols, Georgia Noone-Sherrod, Kristina Sargent, Pamela Skaw, Ernest Stevens, Alicia Tatum, Krystal Thompson, and Rebecca Ward. The author would also like to thank the Provost’s Office at University of Baltimore for its generous grant to compile the archive of case materials that is the basis for this research project.

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