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Fall 2017


The authors wish to acknowledge the following people for their input and deeply-valued feedback on this article: Andrea Yacka-Bible, Mujahid Farid, Laura Whitehorn, David Putland, Chas Ransom, members of the Otisville Correctional Facility Lifers and Longtermers Organization, Alan Rosenthal, and Scott Paltrowitz. We also wish to thank the New York City Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild for their on-going institutional support; the North Star Fund and Sparkplug Foundation for funding our work; all of our Parole Preparation Project volunteers because, without them, this work would not exist; the Law Office of Rankin & Taylor for their support and resources; Andrea Yacka-Bible for her endless contributions and expertise; Liz Gewirtz, who reads and responds fully to every single letter requesting assistance that we receive; the Otisville Lifers and Longtermers Organization for their inspiration, urging, and leadership; our Advisory Board for their guidance and mentorship, including Joe Robinson, Sheila Rule, Anthony Dixon, and Ish Igartua; Kathy Boudin for sharing her wisdom; Mark Shervington for being our daily source of feedback and humor; Parole Justice New York and Challenging Incarceration for being the home of our organizing; the Release Aging People in Prison Campaign (RAPP), for their partnership and leadership; and, lastly, to all of the Parole Preparation Project applicants and their families, for opening their hearts to us and working alongside us. We’re so grateful.

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