Publication Date

Winter 2020


The author would like to thank the editors of this note, Sonya Levitova and Marie Calvert-Kilbane, for their thoughtful and exacting work. She would also like to thank: the entire City University of New York Law Review, including Theodora Fleurant and Francesca Buarne; Professor Cynthia Soohoo of CUNY School of Law, Professor Raymond Atuguba of the University of Ghana School of Law and Harvard Law School, Professor Alan Cafruny of Hamilton College, and Executive Director Camille Massey of the Sorensen Center for Inter-national Peace and Justice for their guidance; and Dr. Bessel van der Kolk for his ground-breaking research. Lastly, the author would like to acknowledge those in her family who came before her for their tireless work, which has made her work possible, and thank those closest to her for their love and indispensable support, most especially her own mother, Susan, the brightest of lights.

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