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Publication Date

Spring 2015




Spring No. 2



From the Editor’s Desk: A New Feminism (p. 3)

News in Brief: DSC Reps Balk, Fail to Condemn Racist Police Violence (p. 5)

Guest Editoral: Flush the TPP, Amy Goodman (p. 8)

Photo Essay: Ayotzinapa Caravan Comes to New York, CUNY Internationalist Club (p. 10)

The CUNY Experience: Keeping the Lights On: The Cost of “Experiential Learning,” Stephanie Vella and Cecilia Maria Salvi (p. 14)

Political Analysis:

- Cyclical Chaos: The Central African Republic’s Troubled Past and Uncertain Future, Denise Rivera (p. 16)

- Scumbags Work Together: The NYC Black Lives Matter Movement and Its Enemies, Ashoka Jegroo (p. 20)

Edifying Debate: A Pilotless Plane with Two Right Wings: Israel and Palestine after the Elections, Amira Hass (p. 24)

Featured Articles:

- On Zendaya: Respectability Politics and the “Right” Kind of Blackness, Nadejda Webb (p. 30)

- The Politics of Mourning: From Charlie Hebdo to Chapel Hill, Miri Gabriel (p. 32)

- How to Build a Co-op: Helping to Kick Start Workers’ Self-management, Alexander Kolokotronis (p. 34)

- Useful Fictions: False Belief, Empowerment, and Social Justice, Eric E. Bayruns (page 36)

Art Review: “Society is a Lover’s War”: On Kehinde Wiley and the Politics of Love, Clay Matlin (p. 38)

Film Review: A Blow to Cinematic Shock and Awe, Michael Stivers (p. 42)

From the Doctoral Students’ Council: New Reps, Safer Sex, & IT Issues (p. 46)

The Back Page:

- Mind Games, Maryam Ghaffari Saadat

- Ph.D. Comics, Jorge Cham



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