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From the Editor's Desk: Out with the Old, In with the...Same Old? (p. 3)

CUNY News in Brief (p. 5)

Political Analysis: Rent-Controlled, J. A. Myerson (p. 7)

Searching the CUNY Catalog not working for you? You’re not alone!, Reethee Antony (p. 9)

Guest Columnist: Terror in the West, Texas, Night, Amy Goodman (p. 10)

The Radical Greens: How Divestment, Direct Action, and Leftist Politics are Shaping the Environmental Movement, Mike Stivers (p. 13)

The Trouble with Professor Petraeus, Arun Gupta (p. 17)

Irregular Future: A Conversation with Matt Kennard, Michael Busch (p. 20)

Book Review: Recovering the Black Cultural Front, Anne Donlon (p. 24)

Book Review: The Passion of the 99 Percent, James Hoff (p. 28)

Art Review: The Heroism of the Middle, Clay Matlin (p. 31)

Dance Review: The Very House of Difference, Meredith Benjamin (p. 35)

Theater Review: Lies to Help You See, Dan Venning (p. 38)

Theater Review: Confidence Man, Jennifer Tang (p. 42)

News from the Doctoral Students' Council: The DSC Year in Review (p. 44)

Ph.D. Comics, Jorge Cham (p. 48)



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