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From the Editor's Desk: Give it Back!: Getting New York’s Wealthiest to Pay Their Fair Share (p. 2)

Guest Editorial: The General’s Labyrinth Revealed, Patrick Inglis (p. 3)

Adjuncting: Naming the Problem, Renee McGarry (p. 4)

CUNY Edu-Factory (p. 5)

Political Analysis: Supply, Demand, and the Mexican Drug War, Andrew Bast (p. 6)

CUNY News in Brief (p. 7)

Hampshire College and the Politics of Divestment, Advocate Staff (p. 8)

Academic Labor Under Siege: Towards a Politically Engaged Professionalism, Henry A. Giroux (p. 10)

Book Review: Two or Three Things I Know About Him, Matt Lau (p. 14)

Book Review: The Story Behind the Surge, Michael Busch (p. 16)

Art Review: Nothing to Say – Hirschhorn’s Universal Gym, Clay Matlin (p. 18)

Theater Review: Four Plays Are Better than Some, Frank Episale (p. 19)

Music Review: Next Steps: New EPs from TMS and Beirut, Daoud Tyler-Ameen (p. 20)

Film Review: Watching the Watchmen, Tim Krause (p. 22)

News from the Doctoral Students' Council: Nothing to do on Fridays? (p. 23)

Stanley Fish Has No Chili Peppers on (p. 24)

Ph.D. Comics, Jorge Cham (p. 24)



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