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From the Editor's Desk: Putting Away Childish Things (p. 2)

An Open Letter to President Jennifer Raab, Hunter College, CUNY (p. 3)

In Memoriam: John Patrick Diggins (1935-2009) (p. 4)

Framing Shape: War Crimes and Paralysis, Alan Koenig (p. 6)

Adjuncting: Free Choice and Adjunct Equity, Renee McGarry (p. 8)

Afghanistan: The Use and Abuse of a Buffer State (Part 2), Christian Parenti (p. 9)

Gaza Forum: The War of Punishment and Frustration, Adel Safty (p. 12)

The Dark Days: Fortress Israel’s Final Stand, Naji Ali (p. 13)

Book Review: The Crisis of Labor, Carl Lindskoog (p. 14)

Book Review: Every Man Alone, a Phoenix, Alison Powell (p. 16)

Art Review: A Swooning We Will Go: On Pipilotti Rist’s ‘Pour Your Body Out’, Clay Matlin (p. 18)

Music Review: California Dreaming (at Juilliard), Naomi Perley (p. 20)

Theater Review: ‘Shipment’ Delivers Uncomfortable Laughs, Frank Episale (p. 21)

Film Review: Wrestling with Oscar, Nichole Wallenbroc (p. 22)

News from the Doctoral Students' Council: Looking Back, Looking Forward (p. 23)

The Back Page: GC Library Gets Corporate Makeover, Matt Lau (p. 24)

Ph.D. Comics, Jorge Cham (p. 24)



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