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From the Editor's Desk: The Road Ahead (p. 2)

Political Analysis: The Other November Election, Michael Busch (p. 3)

CUNY News in Brief (p. 3)

Adjuncting: Adjunct Project Wants You to Have More Money!, Renee McGarry and Jesse Goldstein (p. 5)

Grad Life: The Long View from the Ivory Tower, Alison Powell (p. 6)

What’s So Democratic about American Democracy?, Advocate Staff (p. 7)

Forgetting Iraq and the Discourse of Responsibility, Steven Pludwin (p. 9)

What’s Happening to America?, Chalmers Johnson, Bill Ayers, and Amiri Baraka (p. 11)

Book Review: Democracy’s Demons: Inside the Mind of the American Voter, Justin Rogers-Cooper (p. 15)

Art Review: In the Custody of Love, Clay Matlin (p. 17)

Music Review: A Screaming Comes Across The Sky, Mark Schiebe (p. 18)

Theater Review: Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!, Frank Episle (p. 19)

Film Review: The 2008 Election and the Media, Tim Krause (p. 20)

News from the Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 23)

The Back Page: Chancellor Goldstein Declares Himself Emperor for Life, Matt Lau (p. 24)

Ask Harriet: Dreading a Future of Animal Sex, Harriet Zanzibar (p. 24)



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