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Publication Date

Spring 2015




Spring No. 3



From the Editor’s Desk: More Propaganda, Less Liberalism: Our Ongoing Struggle (p. 3)

Letters to the Editor (p. 5)

CUNY News in Brief:

- One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (p. 6)

- Unions to Mobilize on May Day Against Racist Police Killings. CUNY Internationalist Clubs (p. 7)

Graduate Student Life:

- Digital Humanities Resources: A Personal Journey. Jennifer Tang (p. 9)

- The CUNY Experience Beyond Advocacy: Creating a CUNY-Wide Student Union. Amanda Ocasio (p. 11)

In Conversation:

- Prisoners for Profit: CUNY Prison Divest and the Carceral State. Christina Nadler, Melissa Marturano, and Sean M. Kennedy (p. 13)

Political Analysis:

- A Tragedy of Strife: Yemen After the Arab Spring. Denise Rivera (p. 18)

- Incapacitated by Capitalism: Jamaica, Obama, and the IMF. Rhone Fraser (p. 20)

Edifying Debate:

- The Seeds of a Revolution: The Anatomy of the Baltimore Revolt. Gordon Barnes (p. 22)

- Fighting for Feminism: Well…Sort Of. Jennifer Polish (p. 26)

Featured Articles:

- Breaking Down Bratton: The Liberal Advocacy of Authoritarian Policing. Ashoka Jegroo (p. 28)

- Pushing Back Against the Landlords: Low-Income Residents and the Struggle for Legal Counsel. Paul Mcbreen (p. 30)

- Worker Cooperatives: An Alternative for Youth. Alexander Kolokotronis (p. 32)

- Science and Superstition: Why Seeing Should Not Be Believing. Greg Olmschenk (p. 35)

Art Review:

- On Beauty and Being Boring: The Art of Alma Thomas. Clay Matlin (p. 38)

Event Review:

- Invoking Stuart Hall: Geographic Negation and the Legacy of Racial Capitalism. Angela Marie Crumdy (p. 40)

Book Review:

- The Need for Something New Under the Sun. Erik Wallenberg (p. 42)

- Irresistible Revolutions: Toni Cade Bambara’s Emancipatory Philosophy. Rhone Fraser (p. 45)

From The Doctoral Students’ Council:

- End of Year Update (p. 47)

The Back Page:

- Mind Games. Maryam Ghaffari Saadat Ph.D.

- Comics. Jorge Cham



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