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Spring 2015




Spring No. 1



From the Editor’s Desk: Real Problems, New Governance, and Terrible Solutions (p. 3)

Letters to the Editor: Responses to ‘In Support of Violence’ (p. 5)

News in Brief:

- Obama Lauds CUNY, CUNY Stiffs Faculty (p. 7)

- The Africana Studies Group Statement on the Ferguson and Eric Garner Grand Jury Decisions (p. 9)

Guest Editorial: From ‘Demos’ to ‘Podemos’ (p. 10)

The CUNY Experience:

- The End of Miss and Mister: Gendered Titles and Political Correctness, Jennifer Polish (p. 12)

- The Hidden Costs of Student Representation: Fiscal Mismanagement and the Struggle for a New University Student Senate, Cecilia Maria Salvi (p. 14)

Political Analysis:

- Diplomacy Restored: A Happy Reunion for Cuba and the United States?, Denise Rivera (p. 16)

- We Must Defend the Gains of the Revolution: Notes on My Travels in Cuba, Rhone Fraser (p. 18)

- Martins & Malcolms: The Moderates and Militants of New York City’s #BlackLivesMatter Movement, Ashoka Jegroo (p. 22)

Edifying Debate: A Necessary Conversation: The Question of the Police in the United States, Talisa Feliciano (p. 26)

Featured Articles:

- Beyond the Neoliberal University: Lessons from Mondragon University and 1930s CUNY, Alexander Kolokotronis (p. 28)

- A Multitude of Climates: Life and Its Effects on Environmental Systems, Greg Olmschenk (p. 31)

- The Terms of Unbelief: An Atheist by Any Other Name, Nathan Alexander (p. 34)

Film Review: Moving Past Hagiography in Civil Rights Cinema, Michael Stivers (p. 38)

Art Review: The Thin Cloak and Iron Cage: Al Taylor and the Gallery Industrial Complex, Clay Matlin (p. 43)

From the Doctoral Students’ Council: February Report from the DSC (p. 46)

The Back Page:

- Mind Games, Maryam Ghaffari Saadat

- Ph.D. Comics, Jorge Cham



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