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Front Page

International Students: A Quality Resource (p.1)

Doctoral Student Council Elects New Officials (p. 1)

Michael Harrington: The Last Humanist? (p. 1)

Around & About The Center

Remembering Michael Harrington: Being a Socialist. Will Petrie (p. 2)

Carina Yervasi of the Doctoral Students' Council Welcomes New Students (p. 2)

Cartoon. Brian Biggs (p. 2)

Arbitrary Judgements (p. 2)

Services for Disabled Students (p. 2)

The Deskilling of an Ancient Honorable Craft. Brooklyn Slim (p. 3)

Dining with Inka (p. 3)

Dear Mr. Update (p. 3)

Announcement: Lesbians, Gay, Men, Bisexual & Friends Invited (p. 3)

Editorials & Letters

Miracle on 42nd Street (p. 4)

Soldiers of Misfortune: CUNY, Adjuncts and the Crisis in Higher Education. G. Spelvin (p. 4)

Masthead (p. 4)

Reflections & Commentary

11 Days that Shook New York (and their aftermath). Sean McCann (p. 5)

Bureaucratic Decorum. George McClintock III (p. 5)

Eli Who? (p. 6)

Advertisement: Apple Computer (p. 6)

Literature & Theory: A Supplement

Critical Excursions with Christopher Norris (supp. p. 1)

Advertisement: Routledge (supp. p. 3)


An Evening of Indian Dance (p. 7)

Nepali Women in Journalism. Manjula Giri (p. 7)

Advertisement: Resound! (p. 7)

Advertisement: IBM PS/2 (p. 8)

Arts & Entertainment

Review: Film / Love and Hate in Brooklyn. Carol Siri Johnson (p. 9)

Remembering Herbert von Karajan. Robin Thomas (p. 9)

Advertisement: Feminist Student Organization (p. 10)

Advertisement: The Doctoral Students' Council (p. 10)

Review: Film / Food, History and Memories. Binita Mehta (p. 11)

Advertisement: Where Does Literary Theory Stand Today? (p. 11)


Center for Labor-Management Policy Studies (p. 12)

Advertisement: Pluralism in Action (p. 12)

Advertisement: World Green Movement (p. 12)

Advertisement: The Democratic Socialists of America (p. 12)


Advertisement: Lotfi's Couscous (p. 12)



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