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Editorial: The Empire State Strikes Back (p. 1)

Editors Respond (p. 11)

CUNY Under Siege (p. 1)

Commentary: New York State Committee on Higher Education Holds HUAC-type Hearings on CUNY. Andrew Long (p. 1)

Board Approves Disciplinary Code Changes (p. 1)

Table of Contents (p. 1)


Hearing on Changes in Disciplinary Code. Pamela Donovan (p. 2)

Board Hearing Goes Up in Smoke. Ian McGowan and Pam Donovan (p. 2)

Your Representatives React (p. 2)

New York State Shortchanges CUNY (p. 3)

CUNY Administration Prepares to Take Control of Student Activity Fees. Ian McGowan (p. 5)

Masthead (p. 4)

Letters & Commentary

Psychiatric Report Used to Fire GSCU Worker. Brian Guerre (p. 4)

Art History Dept. Silences Students. Philomela Collective (p. 4)

No Reason to Threaten Job. Marsha Frankel, Robert Hollander (p. 4)

Self-Styled Leader Pushed Own Agenda. Kenneth Pearl (p. 4)

Groundless Charge. Hans L. Trefousse (p. 4)

It Can’t Happen Here! Christopher Kaufman (p. 4)

Editors Respond: You’ll Get Pie, In the Sky, When you Die, That’s a Lie! Andrew Long, Tara McGann (p. 11)

Cuomo Calls for $800 Tuition Hike at University Centers; Students at SUNY/CUNY Colleges to Pay $500 More. Student Leader News Service (p. 6)

The Privatization of the Public University. Student Leader News Service (p. 6)

CUNY Moves to Reduce Faculty Through Early Retirement: Is Retrenchment Around the Corner? Ken Stein (p. 7)

Need for Higher Activity Fee to Expand Services. Michael Glassman (p. 7)

DSC Proposes Increase of Antiquated Activity Budget (p. 7)

UAA No Longer Has Budget. Tara McGann (p. 8)

USS Delegate Switch-hits LaMarre. J. Van Horne (p. 8)

New USS Budget is More of the Same; Includes $10,000 for Car Leasing. Student Leader News Service (p. 8)

In Review

Apocalypse MAUS. Review of MAUS: A Survivor’s Tale, II: And Here My Troubles Began by Art Spiegelman. Jenny Bucket (p. 9)

Love Letters to Lurlene. Review of Vested Interests: Cross Dressing and Cultural Anxiety by Marjorie Garber. Jarrod Hayes (p. 9)

Arts & Events

Migration Songs. Thomas Burgess (p. 10)

The Burgess 10 (p. 10)

DSC Update and Announcements

DSC Update (p. 12)

Deadline for DSC Nominations. Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 12)

Announcements / Advertisements

The Dining Commons (p. 3)

No pain, gain. The Computer Center (p. 3)

Attention All Writers! The Advocate (p. 4)

Advertise in The Advocate (p. 4)

Annual CUNY Political Science Conference (p. 6)

Activism, Communication & Coalition-Building Theory Conference (p. 6)

FYI From Financial Aid (p. 6)

Be Heard: Public Hearings of the Board of Trustees (p. 7)

Ombuds Officer Search (p. 8)

Tompkins Square Books & Records (p. 11)

Join the March of Discontent (p. 12)

See You at the Bar! (p. 12)



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