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Paradise Regained Issue

Students Join Streetwatch: CUNY Students Monitor Police and Grand Central Partnership. Alex S. Vitale (p. 1)

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick Speaks on Campus: Queer Theorist Discusses Silvan Tompkins. Pam Renner (p. 1)

Inside: Table of Contents (p. 1)

Confessions of a Caffiend: An Addict’s Guide to East Village Cafes. Gregory Igoriorg (p. 1)

Cafes Outside the Village. Gregory Igoriorg (p. 4)

Newsbrief - Summer Research: Immigration in the Big Apple. Catherine Kimball (p. 4)

Masthead (p. 2)

Editorials (p. 2)

Editor’s Note. Pamela Renner

Course Evaluations: Why Not Here? Pamela Renner

Who’s to Be Executive Officer? Elizabeth Powers

Letters to the Editor (p. 2)

To the Editor. Sharona A. Levy, Co-Chair of Organizing Committee

To the Editor. David Kirschenbaum

Fix the Toilets. Valerie Walke

Advocate OP/ED (p. 3)

Cornel [sic] West and Manning Marable: Contemporary Political Conflict

Queens College Has No Right to Abandon Five Graduate Fellows. Eric Marshall

Arts & Features

Book Review: Revelations of a Solitary Wanderer. Review of Parallel Time: Growing Up in Black and White by Brent Staples. Maria Hong (p. 6)

Artbeat: Onward to Eden - Designers Propose New City Gardens. Jeannette Redensek (p. 8)

Scholar and Subject: English Professor Norman Kelvin Edits the Letters of William Morris. Pamela Renner (p. 8)

A Letter from Mr. Morris, November 7, 1887 (p. 8)

Star-Crossed Lovers in the Middle-Ages: A Lecture by Emeritus Professor Lemay. Elaine Ragland (p. 9)

The Coins of Yesteryear: A Trip to Audubon Terrace. Elizabeth Powers (p. 9)

An Open Forum: Valerie Interviews Jessica and Liz on Love, Lust, Infidelity, Kurt Cobain and the Future of Madonna. Valerie Walker (p. 10)

Overseen and Overheard. Valerie Walker (p. 12)

Valkyrie in Valhalla. Valerie Walker (p. 12)

City Sites: Eden in Brooklyn? Pam Renner (p. 13)

Black and White with a Little Grey After It: The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl. Elizabeth Powers (p. 14)

Musicbeat: Theatre of Voices at the Frick Collection. Paul Hiller Quintet Sings Songs of the Sublime. Pamela Renner (p. 15)

Ask Aphrodite (p. 16)

Marginal Media

Toking Toads, Part II: Lassoed by the Law (p. 6)

New Exhibit at the Public Library: Stonewall Revisited (p. 7)

Bike Shorts. Maria Hong (p. 11)

*69. Valerie Walker (p.14)

Top Pet Peeves: A Personal Compilation. Valerie Walker (p. 16)

Announcements / Advertisements

The Advocate is wired (p. 3)

The Advocate welcomes letters to the editor, opinion pieces, and other submissions (p. 3)

Thanks! The Advocate (p. 3)

Submit to the Advocate (p. 5)

Gooding Travel Inc. (p. 5)

Wanted: Newspaper Designer. The Advocate (p. 9)

Medieval Study – Free Summer Tutorial in Ancient History (p. 11)

The Marxist Working Group (p. 11)

Wanted: Associate Editor. The Advocate (p. 11)

Quick Byte Computerworks (p. 13)

500 Café (p. 15)

Advertise with the Advocate (p. 15)



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