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From the Editor’s Desk: Diversity at CUNY: Statistics vs. Reality (p. 3)

CUNY News in Brief: As Workers Grumble, a New Master (p. 5)

Letter to the Editor: Objections About Reparations (p. 6)

In Memoriam: Alas Enormes: Gabriel García Márquez, José Chevarry (p. 7)

Mentoring Future Faculty of Color: A Brief Conversation with Chris Eng and Melissa Phruksachart, Kristina Huang (p. 8)

Edifying Debate:

- Speech and Sanctions: Highlights from the CUNY Forum on the BDS Movement and Academic Freedom, Bill Mullen and Sherry Wolf (p. 10)

- Marching for Immigrants’ and Workers’ Rights, CUNY Internationalist Marxist Club (p. 16)

- Guilty As Charged? Perspectives on Petraeus and the United States Military, Bina Ahmad, Jeena Shah, Sándor John, Debra Sweet, Claude Copeland Jr. (p. 18)

- Counterpoints: A Defense of the ROTC and Petraeus, David C. Viola (p. 26)

- Funding Celebrity Profs: Paul Krugman and the Prestige Economy of Public Higher Ed, Sean M. Kennedy (p. 28)

- Gentrification and Culpability: The Ups and Downs of Neighborhood Transformation, Eric E. Bayruns (p. 30)

- U.S. Workers Can’t Wait for a Living Wage: Why the Time Has Come for Real Action, James Hoff (p. 32)

- ‘It’s Just a Game’: The Real Ugliness of Internet Vitriol, Katherine Cross (p. 34)

- No Words for Freedom: Morality and Slavery in Antiquity, Tristan Husby (p. 38)

Book Review: The Militant Legacy of Eslanda Robeson, Rhone Fraser (p. 40)

Theater Review: Sighing Explosively, Bess Rowen (p. 44)

News from the Doctoral Students’ Council: Results from the GC Program Survey (p. 46)

The Back Page:

- Mind Games, Maryam Ghaffari Saadat

- Ph.D. Comics, Jorge Cham



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