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Inside Badillo’s Labyrinth of Solitude: A Recapitulation and Commentary on Herman Badillo’s Anti-Latino Remarks. Silvia Rivero and Jocelyn Solis (p. 1)

Keep CUNY’s Doors Open. Mark Noonan (p. 1)

Contents (p. 2)

Conspiracy at CCNY: A Case of Forgery, Defamation and Fallacy. Nassima Abdelli (p. 4)

Bad Art, Worse Politics. Dave Gerardi (p. 5)

In the News: Culture Corner; Sports Page; Campus Police Blotter. Dave Gerardi (p. 6)

Buginmyear. Rubber Chicken (p. 7)

The Problem with Herman Badillo. Ruben Ortiz (p. 9)

Transcript of Herman Badillo’s Anti-Latino Immigrant Remarks (p. 11)

Horowitz Declares Anti-Vampire Campaign in Full Swing: Receives Award for Student Safety/Surveillance Efforts (p. 15)

Poem: New York Again. Jasmina Spasojevic (p. 15)

Retraction: “A Certified Racist at the Graduate Center.” The Media Board (p. 17)

Masthead (p. 2)


A Pool Table, and Other Proposed Changes Around the Graduate Center. Rubber Chicken (p. 2)

A Certified Racist Professor at Graduate Center? Jane Doe (p. 3)

Film Reviews

“Last Night,” the Final Pick of the Millenium [sic]. Dave Gerardi (p. 8)

“Hell’s Kitchen” – Menu Promises More than it Serves. Dave Gerardi (p. 8)

Announcements / Advertisements

Open Meeting: The Graduate Center’s Middle States Self-Study (p. 6)

How to Reach Us. The Advocate (p. 6)

Cunylingus Journal Presents the 1999 Humanitarian Award to The CUNY Graduate School Administration (p. 12)



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