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Image: U.S. Corporate Media Distort Realities of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Independent Media Center (p. 1)

Exclusive Advocate and NYC-IMC Interview: Talking with Noam: Interview @ Columbia University in Professor Manning Marable’s Office on 11/16/00. Andrew Kennis, and other members of the NYC-IMC (p. 7)

Investigation: Bad Gamble. Rob Wallace (p. 8)

Student Activism: CUNY Students Show Support for the “People’s Lawyer.” Dave Gerardi and Mark Petras (p. 11)

Masthead (p. 2)

Announcements (p. 2)

To the Reader. Mark Petras

Congratulations to the CCNY Messenger. Mark Petras

Graduate Center

Pub Crawl. Mrs. Eleanor B. Tippler, M.Sc. (p. 3)

All We Have Lost. Nassima Abdelli (p. 4)

A Tribute in Honor of Professor Irving Hochberg. Nassima Abdelli (p. 4)

Memorial Speech for March 24, 2000. Ellyn Seifert-Hochberg (p. 5)

Memorial Speech for March 24, 2000. Richard G. Schwartz (p. 5)

Friends Fellow Fac. Speech & Hearing Scientists. Arthur Boothroyd (p. 5)

Some Thoughts About Irv Hochberg. Bob Ringel and Estelle Ringel (p. 5)

A Pistol in the Park: NYPD Officer Pulls Gun on Grad Center Student in St. Nicholas Park. Rob Wallace (p. 6)

The Lighter Side (p. 10)

Samiam Astray. Elizabeth Sagarin

Horrorscopes. Dave Gerardi

Rancid: Self-Entitled. Elizabeth Sagarin

Poetry (p. 12)

***. T. Xapxyp

A Prayer. Ferhat Kutlucan

Whole Again. Ferhat Kutlucan

Anxiety Attack in the Early Morning Hours. Fernando Janer

Domestic Politics (p. 13)

Why I Voted Against Bush. Louise Ammentorp

Democracy and the Presidential Elections. Louise Ammentorp

Slouching Towards Democracy. Dave Gerardi

Global Politics (p. 14)

U.S. Corporate Media Coverage Distorts Palestinian Problem. Andrew Kennis

Global Politics and Protest Movements

The Seeds of a Movement (Part I of a serialized article). Andew Kennis (p. 15)

Mass Protest Now Present in U.S. (p. 16)

Advertisements (p. 2)

Greenpoint Savings Bank

Write for The Advocate



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