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Columbia Adjuncts Strike as Admin Sticks to Hard Line. Andrew Kennis (p. 1)

Horowitz to Step Down as GC President. James Trimarco (p. 1)

Regime Change at Hunter College. James Trimarco (p. 1)

Contents (p. 1)

Editorial: Let’s Register Every CUNY Student to Vote! (p. 2)

Short Takes: Scalia-Cheney-Bush: The Year in Review (So Far) (p. 2)

Letter to the Editor. Sergio Kadinsky, CUNY City College (p. 2)

Correction (p. 2)

Masthead (p. 2)

Local News

WBAI’s “Exception to Rulers” Tour Kicks off in NYC. Paul McBreen (p. 3)

Columbia Strike. Andrew Kennis (p. 3)


Thoughts on the September 11 Commission. Dan Skinner & Gerasimos Karavitis (p. 4)

The Impact of “Experience” in War and Politics. Dan Skinner (p. 6)


Reflections on a Visit to Chiapas. Heidi Reijm (p. 5)

Meeting Sheik Yassin: A Report from Gaza. Jae Myung Kim (p. 8)


Israel’s Assassinations and the Great Double Standard. William Adler (p. 9)

Islamophobia: A Growing Global Disease. Elvan Zelda Elcin (p. 9)

Martha and the Mephistopheles Syndrome. Elizabeth Primamore (p. 13)

How to [Lose] a Student in 10 Steps. Safinaz Saleh (p. 13)

How Do You Feel About the Possible Re-instatement of the Draft? (p. 14)


Like Mall-Walking for the Urbanite: A Review of the 2004 Whitney Biennial. Paige Poling (p. 10)

"The Passion of the Christ," "Dawn of the Dead," and "Kill Bill, Vol. 2." Tony Monchinski (p. 11)

Getting Back On Track. Review of The Long Detour: The History and Future of the American Left by James Weinstein (Westview Press, 2003). Jason Schulman (p. 12)

Control Room: They Report, You Decide. Review of “Control Room” directed by Jehane Noujaim (2004). Charles Bottomley (p. 12)

DSC Bulletin

The Doctoral Students Council: Alive and Well. Paul McBreen (p. 15)


Bright Surroundings, Dark Beginnings: No Neck Blues Band and Sun City Girls Live at the Coral Room, NYC, 4/13/04 (p. 16)

Announcements / Advertisements

Need a Summer Sublet … Use The Advocate’s Classified Ads. The Advocate (p. 3)

Pronto Pizza (p. 3)

O’Reilly’s Restaurant and Tavern (p. 5)

Wholesale Copies, Inc. (p. 5)

Romano Italian Restaurant (p. 6)

Viva Natural Pizzeria (p. 7)

The Republicans Are Coming! CUNY No RNC (p. 7)

Maui Tacos (p. 10)

Contract Rally at CUNY Board of Trustees Meeting. Professional Staff Congress (p. 15)



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