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BMCC Puts “Homeland Security” Program on Hold. James Hoff (p. 1)

State Assembly Member Ron Canestrari Visits GC. Paul McBreen (p. 1)

Chance to Improve GC Email System After Outage. James Trimarco (p. 1)

Editorial: Defend Ward Churchill and Academic Freedom. James Trimarco (p. 2)

Drugs and Power in Afghanistan. Gerasimos Karavitis (p. 4)

Inaugural Protest Small on Numbers But Big on Enthusiasm. Matt Lau. (p. 5)

The Case for Socialism in the Twenty-First Century. Jason Schulman. (p. 6)

Reflections on the Revolution in... Israel? William Adler (p. 7)

For Foreign Students: Immigrant Driver’s Permits: A Perilous Two-Tier System. Valeria Treves (p. 10)

How Do You Feel to Be Back at the Graduate Center and Starting a New Semester? (p. 10)

The Mediocrity of the World: An Homage to the Thought of Theodor Adorno. Joseph Kaminski (p. 12)

The Hysteria of the Obvious: Why Ward Churchill is Getting Under Everybody’s Skin. Spencer Sunshine (p. 12)

Masthead (p. 2)

Letters (p. 2)

First World Oafs? Roberto Barnard

Andrew Kennis Responds

The Layout Editor also Responds. Spencer Sunshine

Theatre Reviews

Red Blooded Male Theater Review: “Cookin’” and “Bombay Dreams.” Tony Monchinski (p. 9)

Spring News from the Doctoral Students’ Council (p. 11)

Funding Problems for Mid-Level Students

Tuition Remission

Reaching Off-Campus Students

Cultural Affairs Grant Money

Reminder About Graduate Council

DSC Plenary

Announcements / Advertisements

Wholesale Copies, Inc. (p. 6)

Anonymous Semen Donors Wanted. Park Avenue Fertility (p. 8)

The Adjunct Project of the DSC Presents: Adjunct Night (p. 11)



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