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Temporary Reprieve for GC Tuition Hikes (p. 1)

Miguel Malo Gets Slap on the Wrist (p. 1)

Carol Lang Case Still in Arbitration; Hearings Closed (p. 1)

A GC Bar? It’s True. Dan Skinner (p. 1)

From the Editor: The CUNY Graduate Center as Bastion of Conservatism (p. 2)

Academic Freedom Group Finds “Climate of Fear” at Hunter (p. 2)

Correction (p. 2)

Academic Repression in the First Person: “Dangerous" Academics: Right-Wing Distortions About Leftist Professors. Robert Jensen (p. 3)

Masthead (p. 2)

Sex, Love, Relationships: An Advocate Special Issue

Rational Romance (or Systematic Sex). Roderick Graham (p. 3)

Sex at the Graduate Center (or, Where Have All the Condom Machines Gone?). Andrea Siegel (p. 4)

Sex, Dating, and the Ph.D. Student. Chong J. Wojtkowski (p. 5)

Straight Until Graduation. Megan Bicycleta (p. 6)

The Value of a Name. Andrea Rosso Efthymiou (p. 7)

To Be or Not to Be a Lesbian. Anonymous (p. 7)

Power/Games: Notes on the Politics of Sexual Role-Playing. Cookie Orlando (p. 8)

Sexual Addiction Is a “Secret” Disorder. Kimora (p. 9)

Ivory Tower Sex in Film: It’s a Joke. Harlan D. Whatley (p. 9)


Getting in Shape: No More Excuses, Tubby! Chong J. Wojtkowski (p. 10)

How to Use Your Vacuum to Save $$. Michael D. Westbrook (p. 10)

A Quiet Injustice in China. Roderick Graham (p. 11)

Film Reviews

Far from Manhattan, Woody Allen Unbends. Review of Match Point, directed by Woody Allen. Ajay Gehlawat (p. 12)

King Shlong on Bareback Mountain. Reviews of Brokeback Mountain, directed by Ang Lee, and King Kong, directed by Peter Jackson. Tony Monchinski (p. 13)

Music Reviews

The Progressive Labor Party Takes the Agit-Prop Challenge. 3 Albums of the Progressive Labor Party: “Power to the Working Class”; “A World to Win”; and “Songs for the International Working Class.” Spencer Sunshine (p. 14)

Doctoral Students Council (p. 15)

New Quorum Rules Spell Trouble for Grad Council

Graduate Council Student Reps

Steering Committee Office Hours

Back Page (p. 16)

Grad Student Astrology: What Do the Stars Hold in Store for You? Heather Royce-Roll

Where’s the Best Place to Have Sex in the Graduate Center?

Announcements / Advertisements

Wholesale Copies, Inc. (p. 6) Origami Greetings and Gifts (p. 11)

Editing and Proofreading. Hugh Roth (p. 11)

The Seventh Annual CUNY-SUNY-NYU Mini-Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (p. 15)



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